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Go Vera

Offers the following benefits:

  • Helps relieve symptoms of stress-related fatigue, naturally
  • Helps support cognitive function
  • Supports cardiovascular health by reducing total and LDL cholesterol
  • Helps to reduce blood glucose levels

Go Vera has no caffeine, refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors or color.

Naturally refreshing orange tangerine flavor

The Canadian product comes in a canister and includes a single-measure scoop. In the US comes in small packets.

Dr. Tessler comments:

Designed to provide rapid energy, it provides a range of benefits as described. Go Vera tastes terrific combined with Xtra. This is also our go to drink for the beach. Very beneficial for athletics and extra energy for your day or evening.

Use the Univera Link.  Please read the purchasing information on the How to Buy page.

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I consider Dr. Neil Tessler a valuable member of my health and wellness team. He's professional, fun to visit and effective at finding the solutions that will work.

– Eileen, South Surrey

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