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A Few Hopeful Notes on OM icron


A Few Hopeful Notes on OMπŸ™cron

  1. OMicron is massively infectious, so much so that a significant percentage of the population is going to have a visit. The numbers are clearly much greater than the daily totals as the testing centres are overwhelmed and it appears that at best one in four cases is being confirmed. Has there has ever been a phenomenon quite like this? The speed and thoroughness of OMicron’s spread has been awesome to observe. OMicron is like a bush fire in a drought and everyone can and may well get it, so much so that it knits us all, vaccinated and unvaccinated, back together as one. OMπŸ™. πŸ˜‰
  2. Most of the cases start with a sore throat, headache, some mucous, not too chesty, fatigue. Sometimes fever, sometimes not. Sometimes body aches, sometimes not.  In most, it is more like a head cold or mild to medium flu. Studies indicate that Omicron has considerably less impact on the lungs.
  3. Putting this together we have a version of Covid that is far more powerful than previous editions in its infectiousness, yet less pathogenic. Powerful enough to sweep clean previous Covid viruses and confer a manageable illness on enough people for the population to generally attain herd immunity. We could hardly ask for a better scenario for ending the pandemic, as a pandemic.There could still be strong future variants, but it appears that the public health emergency will more or less pass along with Omicron - and not a moment too soon, as the public is about fed up.
  4.  Covid and future variants will continue in endemic form, a background presence to which most everyone, by illness, vaccination or both, has some degree of immune protection.
  5. There will, of course be those who experience greater illness, hospitalizations and death. This is a matter of sheer numbers of the infected and will primarily involve those with less resistance, i.e., those who have not had Covid previously, are unvaccinated, have compromised general health or pre-existing conditions.  Indications are that Omicron is not inhibited by prior infection with Covid though past infection should moderate it.
  6. OMicron will largely burn out in four to six weeks.  
  7. So in the meantime, look after yourself now (and always), if you haven‘t been visited as yet, and take good care if you have. Do all the good things to support your immune system, the exercise if you can, the supplements, you know the ones, the herbs (there is much research in this arena), the remedies, get enough rest, let go of fear, see the light at the end of the tunnel racing towards us. If you would like more precise information on immune defence, contact the office directly.
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