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Skeptical of the Skeptics: Unreason in the name of Reason

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Sometime ago I happened to hear health skeptic Timothy Caulfield spreading his disdain for natural medicine on a Canadian broadcast morning show.  He had authored an essay on  the subject of medical institutions that were proposing to incorporate complementary health care methods. The thesis of his essay was that there is medical science and then there are the many pretenders to the healing arts that had, in his view, no evidential support.  Caulfield's key assertion, is that for universities and medical clinics to associate themselves with purveyors of “nonsense”, such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths, etc,. is to debase "scientific" medicine.   Study them if you must, but certainly don’t lower medicine by integrating alternative medicine practitioners or courses into clinics or institutions of higher learning. Caulfield and others have even suggested that research work associated with natural medicine, particularly homeopathy, should not be funded at all. He believes it is wrong...

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