Introducing Doctor’s Nutrient Rich Smoothie:

I’ve created this product to support my patients in achieving a complete nutrient profile in their morning breakfast plan or really for anytime of the day that suits them.  Among my patients are many who really don’t get adequate nutrition in their diets, with deficiencies in protein, vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients.

Dr. Neil Tessler – Unique Holistic Solutions
Doctor's Smoothie Micronutrient rich protein rich
Doctor’s Smoothie Micronutrient rich protein rich

For years I’ve provided an outline of my own morning smoothie routine with all of the various ingredients I add to create a rich nutrient boost. My daughter, Ariel, suggested I create a product that contained most of those same ingredients to make it easy for motivated people to get on board.  

My personal Smoothie Formula:

Doctor’s Nutrient Rich Smoothie is a soft pack containing about a kg of vegan product.  The base is 20 grams per serving of Brown rice and Hemp protein powder.  Lysine has been added to increase the protein value of the plant proteins as they are deficient in this amino acid. 

To this I’ve added a high-quality vitamin mineral supplement containing advanced, well absorbed ingredients.  Along with this there is CoQ10 for heart health and overall vitality.  Then we add antioxidant rich, anti-aging greens and a ten-berry concentrate.  Greens and berries are really the best of plant-based nutrition, providing significant macro and micronutrients with an array of values. Greens benefit energy, immunity and mental clarity. They may lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevent anemia and improve cellular oxygen uptake. Berries are good for brain and cognitive function, as well as the health of the arteries. Greens and berries are also anti-inflammatory, great for the skin, blood sugar and weight management. 


I make a smoothie with soaked and rinsed almonds, or walnuts, sometimes pumpkin seeds and usually avocado. I add a generous proportion of frozen berries and room temp water so that the smoothie is not too cold.  Whatever other supplements I may be using also get added. To this I add a scoop of the Smoothie Powder.  The goal is to avoid unopposed carbohydrates, which can raise the blood sugar too much. By combining healthy fat and nutrient rich nuts and seeds, along with avocado and protein, the carbohydrates such as berries or other fruit are wrapped up in a manner that slows their absorption.

One of my patients simply mixes it with yoghurt and adds some warm water.  

The product comes in both berry and unflavoured versions, for many multiple flavour possibilities.