Making Herbal Medicines, My New Vocation

Making Herbal Medicines, My New Hobby

Plant medicines in the form of herbal tinctures have gradually become an important part of my naturopathic practice that always and still centres on homeopathy. It is truly incredible the amount of scientific research into plant medicines in the last thirty years. Researching and applying this I’ve created a variety of formulations that have great clinical value. Generally, I buy the tinctures from several Canadian manufacturers, but my studies to improve the formulations has began turning up plants that I couldn’t find in tincture form. Searching here and there I was able to source a number of these in certified organic dry form and began creating my own tinctures late last year. Some come from a grower in Thailand, some from suppliers out east or in the States. Recently, I began to expand the project to include some of the plants I use quite regularly. For instance, Rhodiola comes directly from growers in Alberta. Putting all the necessary pieces into place for manufacture and extraction has been an engaging hobby. Here’s how the project is looking to date.

“I’m in the basement mixing up the medicine…”

Bob Dylan

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