Dr Neil Tessler
Dr. Neil Tessler

The Benefits of Meditation

What does meditation have to do with naturopathic medicine? If we understand health as a state of the person as a whole, it is easy to appreciate how meditation is a perfect complement to a holistic view of wellness. Cultivating an inner point of grounding and stillness is so valuable in an age when many sources of stress are playing on us more or less simultaneously. Yet even if one’s life circumstances were ideal, meditation would still be a wise practice to cultivate, as modern research has verified many direct physical and emotional benefits.

Yes, there are evident, proven anti-stress benefits to meditation, yet there is much, much more. Would you like to slow the aging process , improve brain function and immunity? These are a very few of the many benefits that are available with meditation.

In a recent review of fifteen studies on meditation in schools that involved almost 1800 studens in five countries, it was found that there were three general benefits for the students: Improved academic performance, improved social skills and a greater sense of well-being.  Students that were taught meditation in schools reported more optimism and positive emotions.  They also tended to take better care of their health. 

I invite you to sign up for our free meditation program which is designed to help you easily experience the stress-relieving benefits of meditation.   Through the twelve talks you will also learn many aspects of personal growth to help you on your way.

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