The Metabolic Makeover: It’s All About Energy (Paperback)  
by Stephen Cherniske,Dr. Natalie Kather M.D.

Among modern nutritional thinkers, Stephen Cherniske is one of the most balanced and level-headed yet insightful.  He is also a terrific communicator of complex ideas and has been very influential in my own understanding of the field of supplementation and healthy aging.   The latest work from Stephen in partnership with his wife, Dr. Kather, board certified in both family medicine and anti-aging medicine, is a very thought provoking and practical overview of the current state of the art in best health practices from diet, to supplements to exercise. It has been designed for a comfortable reading experience. As always, Cherniske’s view is practical and solidly founded. 

Though I’ve personally enjoyed a vegetarian diet for over 40 years, and one could call his approach “paleolithic light”,  it is practical and well-founded and will appeal to the great majority who don’t follow a vegetarian diet. While respecting the ethical or religious choice of vegetarianism, he focuses on negating certain health claims sometimes made in support of vegetarian diet. Perhaps I would have liked a bit more of a positive discussion of how those who do choose a vegetarian path can make it work.

The focus is on how our bodies make, store and utilize energy, otherwise known as metabolism.  Getting metabolism right is the key to energy, both mental and physical, to weight, to healthy blood sugar and blood lipids, and to long life.  I very highly recommend this book as an essential manual for good health and long life.

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