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Purchasing Information for Univera Products

We offer Univera products along with those of professional naturopathic suppliers, as they produce an exceptional line of clinically effective products..

Univera is a network marketing based company, part of a four company group called the Econet. The Econet combines organic farming, manufacturing and advanced research and development. Their unique depth of resources has resulted organic farms in five countries, a 20,000 plant library, over 177 patents and patents pending and excellent product design.   They combine highest quality verified herbal extracts with specialized nutrients to create products that I have found very effective and use personally.

Each product has three prices.

  1. Retail Customer
  2. Convenience Plan Customer
  3. Associate on a Convenience Plan

When you enter the website you will see an enrollment tab at the top right of the page. 

On the ernollment page it will explain that if you enroll on a convenience plan you will save 10% and will give you the option of becoming a customer or an associate.  Choose the customer option.  

 My recommendation is to give the products a ninety day trial and take advantage of the ten percent saving by becoming a Convenience Plan/Preferred Customer.  When you are setting this up online, it will ask for the Convenience Plan products and run date first.   Enter a date about four weeks from your sign-up.  Then it will invite you to make an immediate order.  

You will have online access and can change the products or run date on your convenience plan or order products anytime for immediate delivery.  Your account can be delayed, suspended or closed  as per your wish, via phone or online.

If you wish to speak about it with us before purchasing products, simply write with your questions. For those interested in the Associate (distributorship) program, which costs $40.00 and offers a further ten percent discount for those on a Convenience Plan, please contact us directly for detailed information.





Purchase products through our HealthWave virtual dispensary.


During the Covid-19 crisis we are happy to continue offering appointment via Skype, Facetime, phone and in some cases, in person. Details for online appointments are found on the online appointment system or by phoning the office.  Suitable arrangements will be made for pick up or shipping of homeopathic remedies and products.