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In this section you will find editorials written for the homeopathic professional journal SIMILLIMUM.




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Natural Living Magazine Vol#1 Homeopathy: Working with Nature's Laws Winter 1983-84  
Natural Living Magazine Vol1 #2 The Pattern of Cure: A Method for Ongoing Health Assessment 1984  
Natural Living Magazine Vol1 #3 Energy Medicine: The Rebirth of Vitalism 1984  
Natural Living Magazine Vol1 #5 Man's Susceptibility to Disease 1984  
Natural Living Magazine Vol1 #6 Man's Susceptibility to Disease 1984  
Common Ground Emotions and Health Winter 1991  
Simillimum - Volume IV #1 Cure By Couplets:Two Kreosotum Cases Winter 1991  
Simillimum - Volume IV #4 Lachesis: Reaffirming Our Healing Principles Fall 1991  
Simillimum - Volume V #1 Psorinum: Two cases Sping 1992  
Simillimum - Volume IX #1 Small Remedies - Keynote Prescriptions Summer 1996  
Simillimum - Volume X #2 Case of Scleroderma 1997  
Simillimum - Volume X #3 Case of Rheumatoid Arthritis 1997  
Simillimum - Volume XI #3 Scutellaria: Depth Sounding on a Smaller Remedy Fall 1998  
Simillimum - Volume XV #3 A Question of Balance (Editorial) Fall 2002 questionofbalance.pdf
Simillimum - Volume XVI #1 Second Prescription, Repitition Of Dose, Potency Spring 2003  
Simillimum Presidents Report Summer 2003 sum03President.pdf
Simillimum - Volume XVI #3 We Must Find A New Way (Editorial) Fall 2003 fall_ed_03.pdf
Simillimum - Volume XVI A Case of Pityriasis Rosacea Fall 2003  
Simillimum - Volume XV Editorial: Bringing Together Journal and Reader Winter 2002  
Simillimum - Volume XVI Editorial: Coyote Wisdom Spring 2003  
Simillimum - Volume XVI Learning From Error - Second Prescription, Spring 2003  
Simillimum - Volume XVI Repetition Of Dose, Potency Spring 2003  
Simillimum - Volume XVII Editorial: Advancing the Science, Averting Prejudice Spring 2004 spring2004_editorial.pdf
Simillimum - Volume XVII The Mind in Homeopathy: Rhetoric vs. Reality Spring 2004 mindinhomeo.pdf
Simillimum - Volume XVII Stramonium: A Case of Internal Rage Summer 2004  
Simillimum - Volume XVII Homeopathy and Spirituality; A Practical Approach Winter 2004  
Simillimum - Volume XVIII Looking to the Past for a Better Future Spring Summer 2005  
Simillimum - Volume XVIX Is There a Role for Psychology, Nutrition and Botanicals in the Practice of Homeopathy? Fall 2006 herbsfoodshomeopathy.pdf

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Dr. Neil Tessler is a naturopathic physician specializing in Classical Homeopathy since 1983. He is a Diplomate of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians since its founding year, served as Editor of the Academy's international journal, Simillimum, for six years, and five years as President. He taught for fourteen years at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and has written and lectured widely on homeopathy and natural medicine.




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