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Essentials offers the following benefits:

  • Highly bioavailable and nutritious as a meal replacement
  • High antioxidant level
  • Perfect for kids and adults

Sweetened with Xylitol

Dr. Neil Tessler NaturopathDr. Neil Tessler's comments: You know those canned nutrition drinks. The reality is that they are made with ingredients that are very difficult to absorb. They are made with cheap vitamins and minerals, vegetable oils, milk potein and lots of corn syrup, etc. Essentials provides an alternative and with much wider utility. Essentials is designed as a complete meal in a bottle, composed of macro and mciro nutrients designed for easy and rapid absorption.  Essentials offers whey protein isolate, essential fatty acids, fibre and nutrients. This is a fantastic product for kids on the go, mom’s on the go and athletics. There are dramatic benefits possible for the elderly, where poor digestion and poor quality of diet accelerate the aging process.  

The H20 Omega is a balanced essential fatty acid complex from cranberry seeds, prepared in a unique manner that makes the oil water soluble, meaning almost instant absorption. The protein is also designed for rapid absorption. Clinically I’ve seen benefits for children on marginal diets and the elderly with poor nutrient absorption and low quality diets. Best price is on a four pack. (Larger packs are found under the Special Product Packs category at the Univera website).

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