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Dr. Neil Tessler integrates classical homeopathy with dietary, nutritional, and herbal therapies to meet the needs of the unique individual.  As a licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Tessler has been providing classical homeopathy and naturopathic medicine in White Rock and South Surrey since 1983. He addresses both chronic and acute concerns of children, adults and seniors. Appointments via phone or Skype are available for patients outside our local region.  

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I consider Dr. Neil Tessler a valuable member of my health and wellness team. He's professional, fun to visit and effective at finding the solutions that will work.

– Eileen, South Surrey

About Dr. Neil Tessler

Dr. Neil Tessler, ND, DHANP is a licensed naturopathic physician specializing in classical Homeopathy since 1983. He is a Diplomate of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians since its founding year. Read More...


During the Covid-19 crisis we are happy to continue offering appointment via Skype, Facetime, phone and in some cases, in person. Details for online appointments are found on the online appointment system or by phoning the office.  Suitable arrangements will be made for pick up or shipping of homeopathic remedies and products.